The main long-term developer-related projects of BitKE include the Catapult Webinar Series, Pata Wallet, LOIBON, Crypto Tour and the Incubation training.The short-term projects vary between periodic events such as the‘Battle of the Chains’, Training for Developers, and Building Developer Communities.


Catapult (Webinar) Series

We have conducted over sixty (60) catapults/webinars, most of which focus on developers. Some of our most popular Catapult Webinar Sessions are as follows:

Introducing Bitsoko - the First Blockchain-based Company in Kenya

Leveraging the Lightning Network with Bitnob - an African-focused Lightning Network Wallet

The First African LocalBitcoins Webinar (June 2021)

The First African Standard Protocol Webinar (May 2021)

Building a Career in Blockchain Development

P2P Street Crypto Vending in Kenya - A chat with the First Crypto Street Vendor in Kenya


an investing platform with heightened risk management solutions, targeting grassroots (mostly the underprivileged), and a number of forks. (Launching soon)


a first-time ever unique tipping solution for meme creators in Kenya and rest of Africa. (Coming soon)


First ever grassroots ‘Annual Crypto Tour’ So far, we’ve done pilots in two major towns named Mombasa and Nakuru. We have also begun inducting several developers from the towns we have visited so far on the pilot tour


We have embarked on a 5-year project focusing on capacity building of blockchain developers including organizing hackathons and hand-holding their innovations to ensure sustainability and longevity of their efforts and endeavours.


Battle of Chains

We initiated the first ever ‘BATTLE OF THE CHAINS’ series in 2020 . We convened African Developers to discuss and debate blockchain development on Ethereum, Solana and Binance Smart Chain. It brought together developers from several countries including Kenya, Nigeria, Angola and Uganda.

Training for Developers

We’ve conducted a number of training sessions for developers with one of the most popular developers in Kenya – Eugene Mutai. The demand for these classes continues to be high. Some of these training sessions also fall under the catapult webinar series. Some include

Building Developers

We have worked with ConsenSys in helping building developer communities in East Africa and in organizing meetups. Some of the activities that laid the foundation for opening up Ethereum to East Africa include:

Building Developers

We credit ourselves as having taken part in the successful incubation of EOS developer teams that represented Africa at a global hackathon in South Africa. Out of the 3 teams in Africa, BitKE assisted in mentoring and training 2 of them.