We are one of the earliest online publications in the blockchain and crypto space in Africa. As our audience and engagement grew over time, it became apparent that Africa is excited about decentralized technology and the potential that it promises for the continent. We seek to report on the state of Blockchain in Kenya and Africa, the Blockchain startup scene on the continent, events in the space, interviews with founders, and industry news that will transform the African economy via the Blockchain. We do this in the following ways:

  • New
  • Events
  • Interviews
  • Projects
  • Meetups
  • Writeups


We have been accredited by Google as one of the outlets that publish original, timely and reliable news for our audiences as seen below:



Below is an outlook of some of the varied interviews we have been conducting

Interview with CEO, Xend Finance (The Leading and Most Successful DeFi Project in Africa)

Interview with Pelle, CEO, Notabene (Created the first Bitcoin Wallet in Kenya)

Interview with Carmelle, CEO, EMTECH (The company behind the Central Bank of Ghana Blockchain Sandbox)

Interview with Jon, CEO, OVEX (The largest OTC desk and exchange in Africa and one of the largest exchanges in South Africa)

Interview with Ahref, CEO, Momint (The most successful NFT marketplace in South Africa

Educational Content

Our educational related content ranks highest in terms of popularity and readership. The content is mostly customized to the African audience as seen below:


‘Ether Wallets’ is one of the most popular. Here is a List of 16 Wallets to Store Your Ethereum (ETH)


How to Connect Your MetaMask to OpenSea to Buy and Mint NFTs


Defining DeFi: Breaking Down DeFi and Yield Farming with the CEO of SaBi - African Crypto Exchange

How to Install and Set up a MetaMask Wallet (Part 1)

How to Install and Set up a MetaMask Wallet (Part 2):

FURUCOMBO 101 - Trading Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Tokens Using Transaction Legos


In addition, we conduct research on various topics and publish them on our blog. Examples include:



Introducing Sankore 2.0


BitcoinKE helped expose one of the largest scams in Kenya

Mobile Money


Mobile Money transactions in Kenya


Mpesa hits 50 million active montly subscribers



Smart contracts in law in Tanzania


BitcoinKE was very instrumental in helping to clarify the classification of cryptocurrencies in Kenya