We are one of the earliest online publications in the blockchain and crypto space in Africa. As our audience and engagement grew over time, it became apparent that Africa is excited about decentralized technology and the potential that it promises for the continent. We seek to report on the state of Blockchain in Kenya and Africa, the Blockchain startup scene on the continent, events in the space, interviews with founders, and industry news that will transform the African economy via the Blockchain. We do this in the following ways:

  • AscendantDAO

    a growing community of African-based traders conducting community-sourced crypto market intelligence for timely execution.
  • African Blockchain Developers DAO

    an initiative to consolidate and synthesize capacity building on blockchain amongst African developers.


We offer Cryptocurrency Education

For many people in this landscape, their first interaction with blockchain/cryptocurrency begins with BitKE and its community. We offer regular free trainings on relevant topics. Audiences have free access to our past and future webinars and online events.

  • Starting out? We know that it is often very difficult to navigate and start your own investments effectively. Following many requests, we have highlighted for you where to begin
  • What is a cryptocurrency?
  • Join the community for further interaction with other crypto enthusiasts