About us

Who we are

We stand as a Blockchain and Crypto authority, and one of Africa's most influential Blockchain and Crypto consulting entity comprising Media, PR and Marketing, Blockchain relate projects, Reports, DAOs and a dedicated online Community. We are based in Nairobi, Kenya.We are the go-to entry point of all matters blockchain in Africa for both our audiences and clients

We help clients understand and address the challenges of these disruptive technologies in the marketplace to provide actionable guidance on current and future market opportunities in Africa. We thus take a buyer-centric approach in order to understand “real-world” buyer and market needs versus the “echo chamber” of the industry.

We have a growing dedicated audience that is excited and equally curious about Africa’s digital revolution within the blockchain and crypto space, as well as an unprecedented growing demand for capacity building. We have a network of crypto and blockchain influencers, media networks, and communities that enable us to widen our reach.

We are very committed towards driving innovative channels for a transformed Kenya and Africa at large. We have been consistent at coming up with unique initiatives and ensuring organic growth and continuous improvement in our work

Our Story

BitKE was founded on the belief that blockchain is the foundation of the third generation internet, and that cryptocurrencies will power this new economy. We are one of the earliest online publications in the blockchain and crypto space in Africa. As our audience and engagement grew over time, it became apparent that Africa is excited about decentralized technology and the potential that it promises for the continent. We also realized that there was scanty information and little or no documentation on Africa. Since then, there has been unprecedented growth in the space and BitcoinKE has been providing timely coverage and analysis of the trends to our audiences across Africa and the rest of the world. We have evolved to offer consultancy services tackling market dynamics including finance and tech entities. We also have a growing community of talented developers working on in-house projects to come online soon

Our Value

We thrive in securing the TRUST we have in our vast audiences;
We are PASSIONATE about fulfilling our desire to TRANSFORM our continent;
And we serve with INTEGRITY.

Our why

It is estimated that less than 5% of Africa’s population is actively involved in the blockchain and crypto space. However, it's growing at a rapid rate, coupled with a high bandwidth internet penetration that is averaging at 40%.

There’s a huge gap that requires unique bridging approaches in order to demystify industry and market readiness, while unlocking sustainable solutions

We connect you

We are active

We have an itinerary of activities such as weekly trainings (online and offline), webinars, meetups, interviews, and a strong social media presence. We are also well known for featuring prominent guest speakers to our events.

Our Approach

Our services are designed via integrated approaches. We feel that used together and in conjunction, they can create the most value for both our audiences and your business.

What we can do for you

We have a wide array of services to offer both our audiences and clients.

For Clients

We pride ourselves in our flexibility and can certainly tailor a package specific to your needs. Read more….

For Audiences

We offer Cryptocurrency Education.
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